PROMOTIONS OF THE WEEK 17.02 – 23.02.2020



PROMOTIONS OF THE WEEK  17.02 – 23.02.2020


Individual circular workout with trainer and own weight Tabata /40 min./20 lv
/Circular training loads all muscle groups by shaping and sculpting the body./

Relaxing back and waist massage /30 min./ 45 lv
/Recovery massage that removes tension in the back, relieves pain, relaxes muscles and relieves stress./
Hydrating feet mask IROHA 30 lv
/Argan oils, curries and macadamia soften and restore the skin‘s elasticity./

Hair therapy with keratin press /30 min./ 30 lv
/During use, keratin is converted into vapor molecules that penetrate deep into the hair and restore the natural level of keratin to the hair. The result is, finally, a smooth, vibrant and delicate hair./
Anti-age hand therapy PRONAILS /45 min./ 45 lv
/Includes gentle exfoliation with Vitamin E and natural rice scrub followed by a massage and luxurious serum with optimal protection against skin aging./
Sculpting therapy for face Liftosome with procollagen /60 min./ 80 lv
/Specially developed face care with procollagen and biopeptides. After a gentle cleansing of the face, a lifting serum is applied, combined with a thermal mask that energizes the skin./

Brightening face cream New White, Guinot 85 lv
/Visibly brightens and evens the complexion, providing protection against UVA and UVB rays./
Men‘s shower gel Douche Reveil Corps-Cheveux, Thalgo 38 lv
/The energizing extract of blue algae gives a sense of freshness and cleanliness./
Hair bath Soleil, Kerastase 38 lv
/A shampoo that nourishes and restores hair exposed to the sun, wind, chlorinated or salt water./