• One-time gym visit /10-17h/ – 9 lv
• Gym card for 10 visits /valid for 2 monthс/ – 85 lv *gift: one-time aromatherapy sauna
• Gym card for 6 visits with an individual instructor /valid for 1 month/ – 105 lv *gift: protein bar
• One-time sauna visit /10-17h/ – 17 lv
• Sauna card for 5 visits /valid for 1 month/ – 45 lv *gift: refreshing tea ceremony
• Solarium card 12 min. – 10 lv
• Solarium card 50 min. /valid for 1 month/ – 40 lv *gift: single-use product for solariumSpecial men‘s care
• Nan‘s haircut Kerastase – 28 lv *gift: densified men‘s hair sealer, Kerastase
• Eco manicure and pedicure – 45 lv *gift: feet exfoliation
• Zen body massage /50 min./ – 60 lv /Antistress massage with natural organics and orange extracts, hydrating the skin and zen of emotions./ *gift: finishing body product
• Nourishing facial therapy Hydradermie Double Ionisation for Men, Guinot /60 min./ – 120 lv
/A luxurious men‘s treatment that tones the skin and smoothes fine lines through a combination of gel serums and a high-tech dual ionization Hydradermie./ *gift: pressure point head massage
• Formal makeup and hairdryer L`Oreal – 90 lv *gift: nourishing hair mask L`Oreal
• Silk 3D eyelashes – 115 lv *gift: paraffin therapy for hands
• Express hairdryer & nail polish Jessica – 35 lv *gift: hair repair mask L`Oreal
• Hair restorative therapy Pro-keratin, L‘Oreal – 40 lv
/Shampoo, enriched with pro-keratin, strengthens hair and gives elasticity. Ends with a head massage and an Insel ampoule that restores and nourishes the hair in depth./
*gift: hand exfoliation
• Hair restoration card including 10 Kerastase hairdryers – 295 lv
/Scalp wash and massage with a moisturizing shampoo followed by a restorative mask and warming of the hair with a hot towel for more intense hydration./ *gift: hair mask Kerastase
• Classic manicure O.P.I. /45 min./ – 19 lv *gift: finishing hand cream
• Biotherapy for healthy nails Faby /50 min./ – 30 lv
/Includes a special base, selected according to the type of nail plate, color optional and quick-drying top nail polish./ *gift: hand exfoliation
• Express pedicure with gel nail polish O.P.I. /45 min./ – 35 lv *gift: aromatic foot salts
• Hydrating cocoa facial massage /20 min./ – 30 lv *gift: finishing face cream
• Face moisturizing ionophoresis Guinot /15 min./ – 30 lv *gift: moisturizing face mask
• Diamond microdermabrasion and antioxidant face mask /20 min./ – 50 lv
/Thanks to this procedure the skin becomes soft and radiant, with increased elasticity and moisturizes in depth./ *gift: moisturizing hand mask
• Rejuvenating eye contour therapy Eye Lift, Guinot /40 min./ – 90 lv
/Electrostimulation of the eye contour followed by a specific massage of the orbicular areas and a patch mask soaked with concentrated extracts and serums./
*gift: eyebrow shaping
• Phytohormone regenerating therapy „Soin D‘exeption Ultime“, Thalgo /60 min./ – 145 lv
/Regenerating care including a facial drainage massage with natural algae hormones that smooth out fine lines, hydrate and restore the skin./
*gift: warm spa cocoa gloves
MASSAGE• Relaxing back massage with chocolate Natural Life /20 min./ – 40 lv *gift: finishing body product
NEW • Healing body massage with snake venom /50 min./ – 60 lv

/Relaxes and relaxes the areas with accumulated fatigue in the body, suitable for athletes and during heavy physical activity./ *gift: tea ceremony with ginger
• Anti-cellulite body massage Cinq Mondes /30 min./ – 50 lv /Drainage massage with slimming cream enriched with Brazilian or Indian flavors./ *gift: aromatic body water
• Anti-cellulite body card including two anti-cellulite massages with hot pepper /30 min./ and two massages Slim Logic, Guinot /40 min./ – 210 lv *gift: finishing body product Guinot